Wholistic Care for Body, Mind and Soul:     Transformation Coaching

Ready to move from SURVIVING to THRIVING?  Rooted is the place for you!


I have been in therapy previously, but nothing compares to what I have experienced with this wonderful woman. Some people are scared or even embarrassed to admit that they are seeing a therapist. Let me tell you that I travel over an hour to visit with Meah on a weekly basis. I am fifty years old and she continues to brighten my horizons after every session. She is gentle and reassuring; that leaves me refreshed after every visit. I continue to learn and listen because I know she will lead me to my next fulfilling chapter in my life.

Cynthia | Central MA

Meah is one who has mastered the art of sacred listening, her listening presence has helped me learn to put down control. Meah’s listening presence is the kind of listening that has brought intimacy and understanding to what God is saying to me. She cultivates a safe, grace-filled space that has allowed me to give voice to the many inner stirrings and doubts of my soul. I am thankful for the strategies that I have learned during spiritual direction with Meah that have nourished my capacity to heal and connect with Jesus.

Theresa | North Shore MA


January is a great time to start a practice of PRESENCE. I’ve heard from many that the winter post-holiday blah’s have kicked in. It often happens at this time of year when we’ve had lots of activity around the holidays (as well as lots of food and drink!). After the holidays, you may have set […]

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Have you ever felt vulnerable?  Disconnected?  Numb?  Then this is an excellent way to spend the next 20 minutes.  Watch this video by Brené Brown for some excellent words of wisdom!  

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What does it even mean to live fully human? The intermingling of body, mind, and soul. How do we live in congruence, in balance with all that we are, with all that God has created us to be?

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Rooted is a place you can come to be fully you. Your challenges, your hang-ups, your dysfunctions, your dreams, your accomplishments, your failures…these and more are all welcomed into the room when you come to Rooted.  In order to grow and move beyond our current state of being or situation, we must first embrace the now, what is, or sometimes, what is not. Here at Rooted we seek to treat all of you, not just the parts that are acceptable in the public eye. We hope that through engaging in our services that you will become more of you, more to others, more Rooted.