Ready to move from SURVIVING to THRIVING?  Rooted is the place for you!

Our Aim: Wholistic Care

We are a private practice focused on doing deep work, getting to the root of difficulties and roadblocks, moving individuals to a place of thriving. We often see people who have reported not making progress in traditional therapy make long-term changes at Rooted. We accomplish this by tailoring treatment to focus on core issues such as emotions identification and processing, relational perspective transformation, and existential personality exploration to produce sustainable change.

Our Services: Whole-Person Transformation Coaching

Our unique combination of service offerings allows us to provide all-around progress toward fullness of life. Of course, if only particular strict disciplines are desired, we are more than willing to provide only those specific services during sessions, however clients are empowered and encouraged to make use of any other disciplines we provide that may apply to their needs.

  • Counseling

For those that need assistance overcoming depression, anxiety, relational difficulties, symptoms of trauma, or other concerns – help with identifying strategies for moving beyond mental health difficulties and/or unhealthy behavioral or relational patterns.

  • Spiritual Direction

For those seeking a deeper, felt experience of God in their lives; seeking to develop their inner life of prayer; looking for more in their spiritual life; or having a crisis of faith for various spiritual and personal reasons – someone to walk alongside and guide the process (learn more about our approach and training).

  • Nutrition Coaching

For those looking to make improvements in overall dietary/nutrition practices, or experiencing particular health challenges – a dedicated nutrition coach and a team experienced in Paleo, GAPS, and anti-inflammatory diets; traditional cooking methods; autoimmune healing; and active lifestyle.

  • Financial Coaching

For those experiencing frustration and/or stress in managing finances – assistance with evaluating relationships with money, guidance in establishing practical skills, and help discovering freedom in the area of finances. (*We are not financial advisors, but by coupling robust real-world learning resources with regular accountability sessions, we are able to help coach people toward financial wellness and its freeing effects on mind, body, and life as a whole).


Our Team

We believe that quality of care is directly correlated with our team members’ quality of life. Therefore, it is one of our aims to provide our team with reasonable caseloads and living wages, affording them the space and means to provide exceptional service to those we care for. We also serve our team with the same energy, support, and encouragement that we provide our clients, understanding that serving others requires a surplus from which to give, and continual inflow to replenish personal resources.


MEAH – Transformation Coach

In passionate pursuit of living a life that makes a difference; a constant learner, and lover of people.

I believe that each individual is extraordinary, and I want to help you accomplish your next step whether that is overcoming depression or anxiety, working through a history of trauma, exploring what’s next in your life with God, or changing your overall health and wellness. My philosophy is that we are all holistic people – mind, body, and soul; inter-connected and inter-dynamic.

In instances where individuals reach crisis points that trigger the desire for change, the essence of my vocation is to assist them in living their lives to the fullest. This journey, often difficult to walk alone, involves healing and change in the mind, the soul, and the body. It is my desire to companion individuals in taking the next step of their life’s journey. It would be my privilege to walk beside you in identifying a plan for growth and achieving transformation.

I have extensive experience in both mental health (practicing since 2009 with several years of supervising other counselors) and in spiritual direction (offering spiritual direction since 2009). Additionally, I have extensively researched natural healing and have successfully overcome health challenges in my own life.

It has long been my dream to have a center that treats the whole person – physical, spiritual, and emotional – and I am thankful for the team that allows us to provide a holistic practice that meets people in ways that transform all areas of their lives.

Training and Credentials:

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JIM – Counselor and Coach

I’ve been working as a counselor since 2007 and I am passionate about connecting with people and helping them live their fullest, most authentic life.

We all develop various strategies to deal with the trauma and pain that is inherent in living in our broken world. Sometimes the strategies we use to get our needs met work for us in the beginning and then stop working because our circumstances change or we finally see the real effects and unintended consequences of our actions. For many, counseling/coaching involves coming to a greater awareness of ourselves and how we have gotten our needs met, and understanding how we have dealt with pain. From this place of self-knowledge, we can begin to face and accept the difficult things about life and about ourselves, and come to our relationships as our genuine selves and get our needs met the way they were meant to be – in authenticity, with genuine love for ourselves and for those around us.

I enjoy working with adults and couples, and have training in therapy that has been empirically evidenced to ease the symptoms associated with trauma-related disorders. I also have over a decade of experience providing mental health treatment to youth and adults who deal with a wide range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, relational issues, and behavioral issues.

Training and Credentials

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SUZANNE – Nutrition Coach

Whatever you’re facing when it comes to food, your body, and your health, I want to walk with you on your journey and offer my training and expertise to guide and encourage you. My aim is to root my clients in habits and attitudes that create a long term, sustainable relationship to food. Together we will find pleasure in nourishment, and nourishment in health.

We can learn to trust our bodies. From a coaching perspective, I lean towards intuitive eating and health-at-every-size as approaches to food and our bodies. We often have a deeper knowledge of our own health than we consciously acknowledge. We can be influenced by all sorts of toxic and even predatory messages that lead us to stop listening to what makes our bodies function well. I also work to increase health and hope in the lives of those with dietary restrictions and immune-related conditions. I have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, as do three of my family members, and my journey towards better health inspires me to help others.

My focus, both during my training in nutrition and in my daily life, is to embrace the constant process of learning how best to relate to food and our bodies. I have studied the connections between the mind, the immune system, and the way we eat; and how food affects our immune function, our brain function, and our hormones. Ideal treatment for the body is holistic. All of our systems talk to each other, and we’re still learning the language of that conversation. The intricate connections within our bodies are fascinating, and I continue to research these connections alongside the doctors and researchers who taught and trained me. The cutting edge of knowledge will always intrigue me, but what excites me most is finding the place where that knowledge connects with daily life in a useful way.

A huge part of my job is to offer encouragement as you figure out the best course of action for your particular body. I believe community is crucial for our well-being, and have first-hand experience in the pain caused by people’s lack of understanding around food needs. I want to offer support for those who need it, and bridge gaps of knowledge and empathy in order to build more unified communities.

Through my own experiences and those of my family, friends, and past clients, I’ve learned that healing takes time. I want to help you find sustainable habits of eating that are good for people nutritionally, emotionally, and communally. The process can be complicated. I’m okay with that, and I can help you walk through that journey too.

My ideas and plans are connected by three root beliefs: people matter, and this includes bodies; relationships matter, to other people and the world around us; and words matter, especially the stories we tell.

I believe in the interconnection of our future with our present (and the past), and that both are influenced by the stories we tell and believe on an individual and cultural level. These stories shape our minds, our bodies, and our complex world.

I enjoy plants of all kinds, even though I can barely keep them alive, and find a wander in the woods balm for body, mind, and spirit. In recent years I haven’t had opportunities for playing music with people, which has helped me realize how important it is to me. I’m actively stretching myself in other areas of creative expression as well, including rug-making.

Training and Credentials

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BRANDON – Business Administrator

In my corporate past, I spent several years in functions that helped each company to deliver its products or services more efficiently (application support, business intelligence, customer relations). I’m excited to be Rooted Wholistic’s Business Administrator because I enjoy the universal aspects of running business, process refinement, and task management. I do what I do best to make sure our team is able to focus on what they do best. I am proud to say that our strength-based approach to teamwork helps us maintain a team that stays fresh and ready to serve, and keeps our business thriving to delight our clients!

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MADELEINE – Community Resource Advocate

I joined Rooted as Community Resource Advocate guided by a belief that growth and healing is a whole person process and as an advocate for creating space to honor this work at all its levels.

As Community Resource Advocate, I work alongside clinicians at Rooted to offer support and assistance to clients in accessing available community resources. I work with clients to address their practical needs and coordinate with those who are part of their support system.

I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in mental health counseling at Cambridge College and am thrilled to be part of the Rooted Team. When not studying you can find me working with my hands either in the garden or making something from yarn or cloth or paper!

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I have been in therapy previously, but nothing compares to what I have experienced with this wonderful woman. Some people are scared or even embarrassed to admit that they are seeing a therapist. Let me tell you that I travel over an hour to visit with Meah on a weekly basis. I am fifty years old and she continues to brighten my horizons after every session. She is gentle and reassuring; that leaves me refreshed after every visit. I continue to learn and listen because I know she will lead me to my next fulfilling chapter in my life.

Cynthia | Central MA

Meah is one who has mastered the art of sacred listening, her listening presence has helped me learn to put down control. Meah’s listening presence is the kind of listening that has brought intimacy and understanding to what God is saying to me. She cultivates a safe, grace-filled space that has allowed me to give voice to the many inner stirrings and doubts of my soul. I am thankful for the strategies that I have learned during spiritual direction with Meah that have nourished my capacity to heal and connect with Jesus.

Theresa | North Shore MA

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Rooted is a place you can come to be fully you. Your challenges, your hang-ups, your dysfunctions, your dreams, your accomplishments, your failures…these and more are all welcomed into the room when you come to Rooted.  In order to grow and move beyond our current state of being or situation, we must first embrace the now, what is, or sometimes, what is not. Here at Rooted we seek to treat all of you, not just the parts that are acceptable in the public eye. We hope that through engaging in our services that you will become more of you, more to others, more Rooted.

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