Guilt Diminishes, Grief Enlarges

When we are caged by guilt over our actions, or over our past, or over our generational family dysfunction, our personhood and self worth is diminished and our ability to be present and engage in our reality, our relationships, our very life is also diminished. We are therefore bound to those things and imprisoned by the very things we hate. However, when we allow ourselves to move from guilt to grief, we enter a space that moves and transforms us, it allows us to be enlarged and healed. We become fully engaged and alive, which moves us to whole and free action. May we all be brave enough to enter into our personal grief, our generational grief, and our collective family and cultural grief…both for the pain that has come by our own hands and for the pain that has come to us and upon us by the hands of others. May we never be afraid of our tears.

~ Meah Hearington, LMHC

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