Are you living FULLY HUMAN?

What does it even mean to live fully human?  The intermingling of body, mind, and soul.  How do we live in congruence, in balance with all that we are, with all that God has created us to be?  How do we live FULLY in our bodies, FULLY engaged in mind and emotion, and FULLY alive in our souls?

I see these bodies walking around, these broken bodies, jaded souls, compromised minds.  Fractions of a whole.  Circuits shorted before full power achieved.  Trauma, mental illness, shattered dreams, lack of self-confidence…  How do we find wholeness?  How do we find the fullness of this creation – this created body?  This body that also contains our mind and soul.  IF ONLY – we could reach full integration – body, mind, and soul.  The intermingling, interworking, balance – achievement of body, mind, and soul working in unity, caring for and honest with the other – personhood working together in a symphonic harmony.  What a glorious and beautiful art form that would be – to be FULLY HUMAN.

Here in this blog – I hope that you may find some pieces of your own puzzle.  Ways to begin becoming FULLY HUMAN – ROOTED IN BODY, MIND, and SOUL.

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